June 19th, 2024



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Save Time & money

8-12 UNIPACX® Save time and money with the UNIPACX® bale unitizing system. Invented, perfected, and patented by Al Dahra ACX, UNIPACX® eliminates the need for intensive, manual labor to unload containers by unitizing the bales to be manuevered with a fork-lift or squeeze-lift.

UNIPACX® packages consist of a number of bales unitized and wrapped in plastic film. The plastic overlaps the top and bottom of the bales, holding everything together as one package that can be easily transported without losing individual bales of hay.

The number of bales in each UNIPACX® unit and the configuration of the bales can be arranged according to each customer's need. The most popular are 8, 12, and 20 pack UNIPACX® configurations.

20 Pack UNIPACX®

12-12 UNIPACX®